Watch movies online

Watch movies online
Regional cinema has come a long way since the pioneer of movement pictures in India, Shri Dada Saheb Phalke demonstrated the magic of cinema.

Marathi movies
It is just a excellent time to the movie lovers as movies are being made that happen to be original, rich in content and above all, entertaining. Regional cinema has generated a name of the own and has given us several gems recently, garnering praise both at home and abroad.

The thought �Web talkies� germinated whenever we, as followers and lovers of cinema, were unable to watch the newest Regional films, when abroad, while our counterparts home could actually enjoy them. Your best option available were the (illegal) online streaming sites, which frankly never drawn us, given their bad quality and subsequent dampening of the whole example of watching movies.

We worked our partners in India and created this platform where viewers worldwide can watch use capture the latest flicks, all straight from their homes.

Re-decorating our humble effort to curb piracy and give due credit for the film makers who toil hard against the odds to take glory to Regional cinema. Our prints therefore are original and are avalable directly from the source.

While you would see, there’s an easy to use interface and varied payment options. So without further ado, we urge you to definitely log in and experience the magic of cinema!


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